John Lee who grew up in California’s wine country. He moved to Texas to persue a career in the Oil & Gas Industry. He travelled the world for 20 years working for major corporations in the Oil & Gas industry.

Chancing upon a wine demoing opportunity, John fell in love with the concept, and became a wine connoisseur quickly.

This is where he met Bhu Rajagopalan as a co-brand ambassador and noticed her own unique personality and special selling techniques. Together they partnered to combine their sales skills and product knowledge to start this business. With a clear vision and a focused mission, their business is changing lives already.

An expert in everything Wine, Beer and Liquor, when not running his business, John likes to relax watching Star Trek with a glass of wine.



Bhu Rajagopalan is a human with impeccable core values. Growing up in India as a child in harsh conditions, she learnt the value of determination and integrity. A happy Vegas wedding, a mother to two angels, a friends network of hundreds, and a friendly personality that attracts even more completes her as an engaging social person. 

Bhu has struggled through many life-crushing hardships yet stands tall on her own feet today by choice and hard work. She is determined to elevate the lives of others she touches through her own life-lessons and business.

A people person with careers in Marketing and HR – and 3 degrees in MBA, Law and Accounting – she is a go-getter. Based in Houston, but with footprints in the East Coast and Pacific North West, she has capabilities that will outshine your expectations.

Struggling with slow moving Wine, Beer & Liquor? Unable to think of innovative ideas to breakthrough? Simply want to sell more Products Or just need a Friend? Talk to Bhu.